MPARE brings energy data to life

MPARE provides standard solutions for users of energy data. The goal is to give consumers easy access to and control of their personal energy data. MPARE aims for a social standard for transferring and sharing energy data.


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Our vision

MPARE offers a low-threshold, reliable and sustainable solution to anyone wishing to manage their energy use. An open standard for devices, measuring equipment, and energy data apps and services: HelloData.

Open innovation

Anyone can join the open, independent and secure HelloData platform.
We welcome anyone interested in helping us expand the platform.

Freedom of choice

MPARE believes that consumers should be able to choose the appliances, apps, and suppliers that best meet their needs. HelloData allows them to link their appliances to apps of their choice and control access to their data.

What we offer

HelloData is a platform that seamlessly connects smart appliances, services, and apps, regardless of supplier or energy provider. It is a low-threshold tool for consumers to manage their energy household. It also helps reduce energy use and better match energy generation to demand. Users always remain in control of what energy data they wish to share with what app. HelloData is at the forefront of building a platform that gives users control of their energy data and privacy. The platform comes as a response to the growing debate about the ‘Internet of Things’ – about user data from smart everyday appliances going online, data that can be linked up to do fun and useful things with.

HelloData and sustainable housing market

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Shared development

We believe that an open system is to everyone’s benefit. There is no need to invest in infrastructure thanks to HelloData; it allows you to focus on your core activities.
Link your smart hardware or ingenious apps to HelloData and reap the benefits.

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Added value and greater service

Everyone benefits from an open platform and an energy data standard. HelloData helps all parties involved to unlock more value from energy data. What’s more, the platform may also save you the cost of investing in, for example, infrastructure. MPARE’s HelloData offers you an easy means to provide greater service, while focusing on your own products and services.

If you are interested to know what HelloData could mean for your organisation, please contact us and we will be happy to exchange thoughts with you.